Stay in Árbakki is located in Árskógssandur village, in Northern Iceland.

It is in the middle of the west bank of Eyjafjörður, which makes it only 30 kilometers from Akureyri – capital city of the North, and less than 50 kilometers from Siglufjörður at the very end of the fjord.

Stay in Árbakki is at the entrance of the village, meaning it is quite isolated from other houses.

Whether you choose to treat yourself with a romantic stay in the Iglúhús or a cozy one in our B&B, you can admire views of the mountains, the sea and the river. All types of landscapes can be contemplated.


The Eyjafjörður area is full of things to do.

You could stop in Árbakki for one night during your Ring Road tour or week-end escape, just as you could settle down here for a week – or more – and take time to visit this beautiful area.

The Beer Spa offers you the unique opportunity of bathing in a tub full of beer !

The beer we use for the bath is in the early stages of fermentation. Brewer’s yeast that has gone through the process of fermenting beer is a great source of nearly the whole Vitamin B scale, which has a very revitalizing effect on skin and hair and is also a great source of protein, potassium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

Bjórböðin is also a restaurant, where you can enjoy a warm and tasty meal and try out the local beers, brewed right next door at the Kaldi brewery.

Located on the other side of the village, the beer spa is only 10 minutes walk from our accommodations.

Find out more : https://www.bjorbodin.is/eng

The Kaldi brewery, located in Árskógssandur, was founded in 2006 by Agnes and Ólafur, both native villagers. It was the first craft brewery that opened in Iceland. Since then, the brewery has gone from 1 type of beer, 4 employees and 150.000 litres in annual production to 5 types of beer, 14 employees and 700.000 litres in annual production.

The brewery is open to visitors. Book your tour : http://www.bruggsmidjan.is/en

Hrísey Island is located in the middle of Eyjafjörður, in front of our village. The ferry-boat leaving from the shore every two hours takes you to the island in 10mn. There, you can enjoy peaceful walks and refuel energy.

See for yourself: http://www.hrisey.is/en

Whales watching Hauganes is a family company which dares to promise you an incredible trip to meet one of the planet’s giants. Promise delivered 98% of the time. Always under great conditions and in pleasant company.

Hauganes is our neighboring village. In the summer you can walk there, on a path following the shore.

Find out more : https://whales.is/

One of Icelander’s main reason of well-being and happiness is  thought to be access to swimming pools and hot tubs.

Lucky us – and you – there are fantastic hot tubs on a black sand beach in the neighboring village Hauganes !

More information: https://www.facebook.com/BaccalaBar/

Baccalá Bar is a great place to enjoy a drink or a dinner after a long discovery day. Located in Hauganes, on the shore, it’s the perfect place to relax in good vibes.

See opening hours and menu : https://www.facebook.com/BaccalaBar/

Probably THE fish soup that you have to try during your excursion trip in Eyjafjörður (if there is only one…). Located in Dalvík, this cozy coffee house will welcome you all year round.

More details: https://www.facebook.com/bakkabraedurkaffi/

Tröllaskagi (litt. “the troll peninsula“) is the largest mountain range in Iceland and is full of hiking and walking trails. From relaxing walks to sportive hikes, there is something for everyone. Several peaks reach over 1200m above sea level, some over 1400m. It is the part of Iceland with the highest elevation outside the central highlands.

In spring, Iceland is a perfect place to watch birds nesting, being born, growing and enjoying life. Around 85 species nest regularly in Iceland, including more than 14 species of ducks. Many places are dedicated to bird watching and this is the case of Friðland Svarfdæla nature reserve : an 8 km² wetland – the oldest of its kind – less than 10 km from our village.

Laufás museum is a very nice experience to get a feeling on what was life like just some years ago… An old village refitted into a museum to make us wander from one room to the other in stones and turf houses. A dive into history.

Located on the other side of the fjord, Laufás museum is less than an hour from our accommodation.

Check it out: https://www.minjasafnid.is/en/moya/page/laufas_heritage

Who would guess that Iceland has ski resorts? We didn’t. Yet, Iceland has ski competitions, lots of ski mountaineering tours, cross country skiing tours, several ski resorts and excellent skiers! And what was our surprise when we first went down the hill looking right at the sea!

There are many ways to experience it:

During your exploration of Eyjafjörður you have to stop at Kaffi Klara, in Ólafsfjörður, for a lunch or a good slice of cake. The scenery is outstanding and the owners will immediately make you feel at home. Great time and laughs guaranteed.

Don’t miss it: https://www.facebook.com/KaffiKlaraCafeClara/

Siglufjörður’s herring era museum is a five buildings time travel exhibition. It takes us back to the years when the herring fishing industry was at its climax. The exhibition makes us use all our senses as we walk through the old salting station, fish meal and oil factory, boathouse, herring warehouse.

More info: http://www.sild.is/en/

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We decided to try The Icelandic Adventure in summer 2018.
We left France to try out life in this small fishing village, called Árskógssandur (litt. “The wooded river leading to the beach“), on the banks of Eyjafjörður (litt. “the Island fjord“), in North Iceland.
For a year we have been busy welcoming travelers in the house we occupied and in the igloo-house in the garden.
Conquered by this little piece of paradise and the joy we acquired from taking care of travelers, we decided to settle ourselves permanently.
We took over the house and the hosting activity – renamed L&L Bed & Breakfast and Sky Sighting Iglúhús – to our own account in September 2019.
Since then, we have endeavored to maintain a quality of service that meets the expectations of our travelers, in line with our values, concerned with the respect of all – including the environment.
We are open and eager to share with the travelers who meet us on their journey and we will do our best to make your stay a reflection of Iceland: magical.
We strive to improve the facilities and enrich the stay of our travelers progressively.
In short: this is a story about adventure, curiosity, entrepreneurship, fun, empowerment and love of sharing.
Lola & Laurent